Friday, September 24, 2010

Schooled by Anisha Lakhani

Schooled by Anisha Lakhani
ISBN: 978-1-4013-0996-1

As someone who does not read a lot, finding a book that I cannot put down is a rare occasion to be celebrated. Anisha Lakhani's "Schooled" should be given massive applause, I read it in two nights! This 2008 fictional book is nothing short of a work of art in the eyes of a teenager that's never experienced a lot of the luxuries money can buy outside of what she reads in books.

Schooled tells the story of Anna Taggert, a young woman straight out of Columbia University whose parents are disappointed of her decision to become a teacher. Instead of giving in and choosing a different career, she vows to give up the posh life her family has given her and uses her Ivy League education to land a job at one of Manhattan's best private schools.

The life of a teacher is tough, as evident throughout the entire book. Low wages, minimum respect from outsiders, and even insiders, and ungrateful students will make you wonder how the select few people of the world molding the minds of young kids put up with it all. But, sometimes, the lure of money is strong enough to break even the people most dedicated to their jobs. And the promise of designer clothes, five-star meals, and a doorman apartment makes high-priced tutoring on the side an easy choice.

Ms. Lakhani does a tremendous job of detailing the almost double-life of Anna Taggert. I felt like, if I could just reach through the book, I'd pull out lavish dinners and expensive handbags myself. I must say, I quite envied the hectic and tiring life of Anna Taggert throughout much of the book!

 In the end, I wish I could have read more, that the story had been longer. How did Dr. Blumenfeld take Anna's news? How did Anna Taggert continue her life? Did the students of the next school year enjoy her class once Ms. Taggert discovered the perfect way for her to teach? I wish I knew!

Anisha Lakhani's "Schooled" is a good book for a quick read and for someone looking to indulge in the "other side" for a while.

Pick it up at your local bookstore today!